Let's face it.. Today's high pressure time to market demand the most from the Power Supply Engineer. Software tools become a valuable asset and if you fall behind the eight ball in emerging technology and tools, you fall behind in the industry.

Software simulation tools such as Pspice and TopSpice (just to name afew) provide the neccesary tools to get the job done- from EMI to control loop simulation. In addition, many big name companies such as National and International Rectifier are starting to provide their own proprietary software to aid in the power supply design.

Simulation Software

  • Fairchild Design Center - online design and educational tools to help designers solve their design challenges and speed time-to-market
  • International - Rectifier's premier site for power design
  • LT Spice - schematic capture and waveform viewer
  • PI Expert. - Design Software Suite: Design of off-line power supplies and DC-DC converters based on products from power Integrations

More Software

  • Power Sim - Online simulation tool for popular power supply topologies
  • PSIM - simulation of power electronics, motor drives, and control systems.
  • TopSpice - high-performance, mixed-mode analog/digital, SPICE circuit simulation software
  • WebBench - WEBENCH® Electrical Simulator allows you to simulate your power supply circuit.